A message to the far right

Richard Parncutt 

2024 February


If only far-right voters would read the following and try to understand it! How can we organize that?

You’re right that the system sucks.
You’re right to want to protest. It’s true that governments are not serving the voters.

The reason is not about right, left, or green.
It's because democracy is not working. Democracy is about governments serving the people. That is what you want the government to do. The government should be serving you, and it is not. We have to get our democracy back.

The reason democracy is not working is the rising wealth gap.
It's all about money!
Money makes the world go round. The rich are pulling the strings in the background. That is preventing the government from serving the people. 

It's not the migrants and asylum seekers.
Some people blame migrants and asylum seekers. But it can't be their fault, because they have no money, and they have no influence on the government. We may think they are the problem because we see them walking down the street. They are visible! We don’t notice the rich because they are hiding in their villas, limousines, and private jets.
They are negotiating with the government behind closed doors. 

The solution is redistribution.
Like Robin Hood, the government has to take from the rich and give to the poor. The system cannot work any other way. In the game of Monopoly, at some point some players just keep getting richer and the others just keep getting poorer. After that, it’s the end of the game. That‘s how capitalism works. It works fine for a while until things start to get out of hand. After that government has to step in and fix it.

Aren't we doing that already?
No, we are not. Amazing but true: we seem to be doing the opposite. Most government income is from income tax and consumption tax, and most of that is paid by the middle class. The rich have good accountants who know how to avoid tax by playing with the system. The rich do pay tax, but much less than they should.

So what's the solution?
There is only one solution and that is to take more money from the rich and give more money to the workers. That can be done with wealth tax and social services. Carbon taxes and transaction taxes are also possible.

So what should I do?
The way to get democracy back is to vote left. The left has always been about reducing the difference between rich and poor. The right has always been about increasing it. Not only that -- the right always been about tricking you that it's not like that. They get away with that because they have more money to spend on advertising and manipulating public opinion.

Don't be tricked.
The far right is not the solution. On the contrary, it will make the problem worse by undermining democracy even further and giving even more power to the rich.
Voting right is like stabbing yourself in the back. Not a good idea.

The left is your best bet.
The left is not perfect, but did anyone promise you a rose garden? To get our democracy back, vote left.

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