Just stop
Just stop driving
Just stop flying
Just stop eating red meat

Richard Parncutt (2020)

Do you live in a rich country? Do you have a roof over your head and food on your plate? Do
you have a good education and read good newspapers? If so, please think about this:

If individuals are not going to reduce their personal carbon footprint, what hope is there?

No god is going to punish the polluters. Politicians and CEOs have their own agenda. It's us, the "ordinary people", who have to stop them and not the other way around.

If you love your children and care about young people, just stop.
If you think developing countries should have a future, just stop.
If you have a good life and wish the same for others, just stop.
If you have a heart and a head, just stop.

Stop being a climate lemming. Stop participating in mass suicide. Stop deliberately shortening the lives of innocent young people. Yes, deliberately.

Stop lying about the elephant in the room. Stop pretending to be innocent. Future generations, on whose behalf I am writing, have had enough of being treated like shit.

Humans have been talking about morality for thousands of years. Now is the time to find out whether we really meant it. Did we or did we not?

Many say: "I can't". Consider this: most of those people are lying. Maybe you are one of them? Sorry to be so brutally honest! It's a shock, I know. In any case: the first step is to tell the truth and stop pretending to be a victim. Most people in rich countries could easily and drastically reduce their personal carbon footprint if they wanted to. Everyone has a different situation and different solutions. It's a matter of taking the idea seriously and actually doing it.

You might say: "What difference does my contribution make?" It's a serious question, but the trouble is this: You don't have another solution. Do you? In the end, individuals will have to stop consuming fossil fuels. That's what it comes down to, and you can also inspire others to follow your lead. You can in fact do that.

Right now, things are not looking promising. But miracles have happened. Everyone has their own personal integrity, which is not a bad place to start.

You can ignore this, of course, if you really hate yourself that much. You will not experience eternal damnation. You will just die, and that will be it. If you are old enough now, you will miss out on the really bad stuff, as I will. Our children will not.

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