The Great Climate Wakeup: It's headline news!
Richard Parncutt

31 August 2017


With every climate disaster (and one thing is for sure -- they will be coming ever thicker and ever faster), more and more people will finally wake up, tell the truth, drastically reduce their personal greenhouse gas footprint, and join the struggle to force governments and corporations do the same. Here are some headlines we might expect to see:

OMG look what we've done! Another climate disaster -- and now we believe it

Politician discovers 'responsibility' in dictionary and explains it to voters

Charming Prince Hurricane's kiss wakes Princess Climate Responsibility from 100-year slumber

Avalanche of political resignations as green vote skyrockets

Panicking US President tweets executive order: Stop ALL fossil fuel burning TOMORROW! 

Exxon deniers challenge life sentence verdict

Airlines collapse as customers stay home

Highspeed French-Chinese trains to crisscross every continent

UN sanctions for countries still subsidizing fossil fuels

Australia subsidizes free photovoltaic carport for every electric car!

Norway raises fossil fuel and red meat taxes to 100% in surprise move

Chicago mayor wins urban art competition with "windmill on every roof" project

Spare parts shortage as dusty old bikes emerge from garages

Sidewalks dangerously crowded as walking becomes hip

Overweight disappears in walking craze, Weight Watchers bankrupt

"Fate Watchers" halve individual climate footprint with points system

Strangers flirt in long rail-ticket lines: New soap opera!

Lebanese restaurants overrun by demand for falafel

"Greenies" vegetarian fastfood chain buys McDonalds

Too many people on the planet: Drugstore chain out of condoms!

Greenpeace faces indecency charge after "Make Love Not Babies" 

Vatican gives billions of condoms to developing countries in new bid to curb birthrate

Dear reader,

Many animals will violently protect their young if they perceive a significant risk. Humans are similar. Many parents say they would die for their children. Most say they would risk their life to save their child. 

I am one of those parents. Everyday in the media I read how my children's future is being gradually destroyed by people who are well informed about what they are doing. They know what the consequences will be, but they keep doing it all the same. That's not only the politicians and CEOs, that's everyone. That's you and me.

I don't know who you are or what your situation is, but I neverthess have a special request and it applies to everyone on the planet. Snap out of it! Think of our children. Nothing has ever been more urgent. We must change now before it is too late.

There are a billion children in developing countries. They will die prematurely and the cause will be a combination of poverty and climate change. These people really exist and this really will happen. Moreover, everyone else everywhere will also suffer. Everyone, everywhere.

Please don't be one of a zillion zombies. Get real. Do something about your personal greenhouse gas footprint. Reduce or stop driving, flying, and eating red meat. Apart from having fewer children, those are the main ways individuals in richer countries can reduce their contribution to global warming. At the same time, join the struggle to make governments and corporations tell the truth about these issues and act on the implications.

As they say in advertising: Do it today. Tomorrow will be too late.

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